May 1, 2017

About INCCS Team

Professional Chinese Translation & Interpretation services through Native Chinese translators and Native English translators Professional native chinese and native english translators and interpreters Professional native chinese and native english translators and interpreters Professional Chinese translation and interpretation service from Native chinese Professional native chinese and native english translators and interpreters

Neeraj Kumar | Founder & Head of Operations

Neeraj Kumar Singh - Chinese language expert

INCCS is the brain child of Neeraj Kumar, a project management expert who left his cushy job as a Project Manager in a $300+ million iron & steel company to follow his passion for Chinese language.

Neeraj was an early lover of languages and pursued his graduation in Chinese language & literature, choosing to join the corporate field immediately after. With certifications in Six – Sigma Black Belt Project Management under his belt and a habit of pursuing excellence, Neeraj rose through the ranks quickly from Chinese Translator to Project Head, with his last job requiring him to oversee a team of 50+ internal employees and external contractors in the setting up of critical $10 mn plus industrial plants.

However, the further Neeraj grew in his career, the farther he felt from his first love – Chinese language. Besides, during his experience as project head, he worked with several Chinese equipment suppliers who provided badly translated manuals to the company. Interpreters hired from agencies for on-site expediting turned out to be un-professionals with only basic knowledge of Chinese language and no technical vocabulary. After his bad experience, Neeraj started interacting with other companies and individuals conducting business with China and got feedback that they too faced several problems in addressing their Chinese language needs since the translation industry in India was highly fragmented and had low levels of professionalism.

With this background, INCCS was born. A professional Chinese translation agency, INCCS ensures that all client’s tasks are handled as projects and are accorded diligent care. With our commitment to excellence and professionalism, we ensure that all your Chinese language needs are addressed quickly, affordably and you receive only the best quality output.

Meet our outstanding translators!

The translators we work with are more than professional freelancers. They are considered team members and we have developed long-lasting collaborations with many of them. We source native speakers living in their native country which means we gain a professional in tune with the current trends and culture for that particular market. Freelancers depend on their clients for future work so we know we are working with someone who cares about, and relies upon, the quality of their work. Due to the vast network of professional freelancers at our disposal we have a scalable team and flexibility with regard to pricing, scheduling and capacity.

Jeremey Huang
Native Chinese
Mandarin - English, English - Mandarin

Jeremy hails from Guangzhou district, the manufacturing hub of China. He has a double degree in business administration and philosophy. Jeremy has been working as a professional translator since over 7 years. His fields of specialization include marketing / corporate communication, business law / corporate finance, medicine and health care. When he is not working, he can be found thumbing wildly on his XBox Playstation.

Native Italian
Mandarin - Italian, Italian - Mandarin
Alan is our go-to translator for all projects involving translation from Italian to Chinese or vice versa. Alan grew up in Italy and pursued his education and career in liguistics till the travel bug bit him. Having traveled extensively across Europe and Asia, Alan switches between his mother tongue (Italian) to Mandarin like a native. A translator by day, and guitarist by night, he has worked in translation industry for over 9 years now.
Ju Hao
Native Chinese
Mandarin - English, English - Mandarin
Ju graduated from University after studying English and Law. She been working in translation for 6 years and specializes in business/economic translations and contracts. An avid traveler, Ju loves to go for hiking and trekking trips.
Joy Serra
Native French
Mandarin - French, French - Mandarin
Joy developed a love for Chinese languages while travelling through Asia as part of her exchange student program at college. She has been involved in the translation industry for over 12 years and is a leading contributor to projects of INCCS requiring translation in and out of French. When she is not typing away at her laptop, she can be found gardening or enjoying in her favorite pastime, cooking.
Liling Wan
Native Chinese
Mandarin - English, English- Mandarin
Liling hails from Shanxi district in China. After pursuing graduation in English and Computers, Liling undertook master level studies in business administration. Her main fields of specialization are finance, marketing, chemistry, pharmaceutics, environmental technologies and IT. She loves to travel and meet new people. Her favorite hobby is reading books about new places and biographies.
Mica Juan
Native Spanish
Mandarin - Spanish, Spanish - Mandarin
Mica is our Spanish translator on call for any translation projects involving translation in our out of Spanish. Mica is a certified Chinese translator having studied Chinese and passed HSK exam. She has been undertaking translation for over 5 years now. A trained dancer, Mica loves music and dancing and can be found training for performances in free time.